I have always had an inexplicable draw to the sea and living in close proximity to it provides me with a plentiful source of inspiration that is easily absorbed. The colours and the ever changing landscape is a constant factor in my work. Having been born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, I grew up in a pretty little terraced house where my love for art and history flourished. After attending Art College, I moved onto university to study a Masters in Archaeology and continued to work as an archaeological illustrator before my love of expression through paint led me to become a full time artist based in the Gower Peninsula. I produce large, vibrant, coastal inspired pieces that aim to generate memories, stories and feelings. What is more essential is capturing the emotion that a stroll along the waters edge creates; the smell of fish and chips, the salty seaweed and the sound of Herring Gulls overhead. My work is an interpretation of some of the most influential locations I have come across and whether based on real or fictional places, each is individual and a statement of personal expression. Through the exaggeration of natural colours with the free and dynamic application of paint, I am able to visually pull apart the subject and avoid the constraints and boundaries of accurate perspective and straight lines, that so often dominate work.

I aim to produce impressions of subjects and locations and not to reproduce scenery in a 'real to life' manor. Through my fundamental need to capture the feeling of nostalgia through paint, I feature items and objects that have a strong significance to my daily life and upbringing. Buoys, boats, smoking chimneys and rows of brightly coloured miners houses are many of the details that tend to reoccur in much of my work.

Through layers of thickly applied paint, a sense of depth and character are easily achieved. A range of mixed media from pastels, acrylics and plaster are used to define areas of interest, adding rich texture to the pieces. Thick lines are later incorporated to exaggerate and separate the characters within each piece of art. The use of powder blues and lilacs are generously applied to create dream-like qualities, often producing a subtle, calming effect to an otherwise chaotic scene that is bursting with colour. I try not to spend too much time considering the exact location of the paint, rather applying it freely and fluidly, lead by impulse and intuition.


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